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Funding Geothermal Projects
Get Your Geothermal Project Funded!
What Is Geothermal Energy and What Does It Do?
Geothermal energy is thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth. Thermal energy is the energy that determines the temperature of matter. Using earth's geothermal energy is cost effective, reliable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

By drilling deep into the Earth’s interior, we find temperatures suitably high to produce electricity.  By using Earth’s thermal energy to heat water instead of processes with harmful by-products like coal and nuclear, geothermal energy can produce clean, reliable electricity as long as heat continues to seep from Earth’s interior. It is sustainable power because as the thermal energy is extracted from the water or steam, it can be continuously re-injected deep underground to obtain more geothermal heat.


A great feature in funding geothermal energy projects is the fact that 

1) traditional funding instruments can be used, and
2) no special accommodations or arrangements need to be added on to a funding arrangement involving biomass. 

The best case scenario is if you (as project promoter/owner) have an off-take agreement (agreement in which a third party that has signed a contract guaranteeing that they will be buying the promoter's output for a certain length of time in the future right from the start). 

Why? Because for investors it is a guarantee of return on their investment, not to mention that it is also a steady guaranteed payment on the debt of the equipment due to the fact that the energy produced is sold over the long term (thus, there is a guaranteed income). 

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On the business end, the Promoter/project owner is required to produce essentially the same basic information and documents as he/she would in any other type of project: 
  • Business Plan
  • Feasibility Study (if you have it)

What you will also need is presentation report that details the technology to be used. 

What can often be the (only) tricky part of funding a geothermal energy project is assessing the technology that will be used to produce this energy; but solid, time-tested geothermal energy-producing manufacturers do exist and are often favoured in these types of deals.
What To Do
We charge:
  * No Upfront Fees
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  * No Revision Fees
  * No Stand-By Fees
  * No Retainers

In committing our own funds, we can help you realize your project!

We are keenly aware of the fact that in its market, private equity investing in geothermal energy projects is first and foremost a 'people business' and we work by the fundamental philosophy and principle that our word is our bond. 
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